Amazing Cleaning Company Ltd

Professional Cleaning & Restoration

Gary and Jackie Bale

We Guarantee The Most AMAZING Cleaning Or Its FREE

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The largest industrial & most powerful professional system in the world deep ﴠwater extraction㬥aning. A safe, thorough, fast drying carpet cleaning method.


FABRIC & LEATHER Upholstery cleaning.


Restored and refreshed to like-new condition.ﰴion to apply protector/conditioner.




Brings back the beauty of your natural stone, clean and seal those soiled grout lines.





Using extraction on our cleaning equipment to avoid any soiling or foul water from damaging your property through doors or drains.




Unique Non Sanding New Floor look in half the time.穴h a choice of Satin, Semi Gloss or Gloss finishes.





Allows you to 쯴 up㰩llages such as tea, coffee, red wine, etc. keeps carpets cleaner for longer. Protects against spillages, every day soil & dust mites.

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For a no obligation quote or more information

Amazing Cleaning Office Leicestershire

0116 2672720

North Leicester Charnwood & Melton

0800 695 1949

Leicester  City, Oadby & Wigston

0800 695 1950

Hinckley & Bosworth

0800 695 1951

South Leicester Harbourgh & Rutland

0800 695 1952

24 hr WARNING advice line

0800 695 1953


We clean & Protect Ceramic tile , Limestone. Porcelain tile , Travertine, Marble, Clay Pavers. Slate, Brick, Concrete, Grout ,᮹ other tile with grout,쯳pan>Vinylਁmtico & Karn dean Flooring).

Step 1

When appropriate we mask the base of units using low tack adhesive tape, to protect from the possibility of overspray on to the units while cleaning at high pressure.

Step 2

We vacuum al the floor including the edges to remove any dry soiling prior to cleaning.

Step 3

We apply a specialist pre-spray to the surface of the stone and any grout lines.

The specialist spray is allowed to dwell to emulsify the surface soils.

Step 4

The surface of the floor is then scrubbed with a rotary machine to release the emulsified soils from the Floor.

(Corners, edges and any grout lines are cleaned with an assortment of hand brushes and pads).

Step 5

The slurry left by the scrubbing process is extracted by vacuum in to a waste tank outside the property and the floor is cleaned with the specialist cleaning equipment at pressures up to 1200 psi.

Step 6

After the floor has been dried and inspected we apply the appropriate sealer to protect and enhance the natural beauty of the stone.

What our customers say

Good service, helpful, professional and informative, no fuss booking. We went out for the day and came back to our amazingly clean floor tiles and grout. Thank you.

Mr & Mrs Robinson, Anstey

Amazing work carried out. Our old grubby shower was made to look like new. Friendly, reliable, considerate.

Mr & Mrs Trewin, Scraptoft

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