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The largest industrial & most powerful professional system in the world deep ﴠwater extraction㬥aning. A safe, thorough, fast drying carpet cleaning method.


FABRIC & LEATHER Upholstery cleaning.


Restored and refreshed to like-new condition.ﰴion to apply protector/conditioner.




Brings back the beauty of your natural stone, clean and seal those soiled grout lines.





Using extraction on our cleaning equipment to avoid any soiling or foul water from damaging your property through doors or drains.




Unique Non Sanding New Floor look in half the time.穴h a choice of Satin, Semi Gloss or Gloss finishes.





Allows you to 쯴 up㰩llages such as tea, coffee, red wine, etc. keeps carpets cleaner for longer. Protects against spillages, every day soil & dust mites.

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North Leicester Charnwood & Melton

0800 695 1949

Leicester  City, Oadby & Wigston

0800 695 1950

Hinckley & Bosworth

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South Leicester Harbourgh & Rutland

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24 hr WARNING advice line

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My unique 11-step cleaning process for Carpets, Upholstery and Rugs ( all tyoes )

1. I젣arry out a full 塬thy Home Auditﳰan> giving you advice on how to look after your furnishings AND a detailed quotation on all cleaning before I start 稡t I quote is what you pay! Not one penny more!

2. Vacuum thoroughly including round the edges

3. Move all movable furniture

4. Pre-spot difficult spots & stains

5. Use special allergy control pre-cleaners

6. Clean with the latest high pressure ﴠWater Extraction硳hing process.  I only use safe environment-friendly products

7. Residue rinse to retard re-soiling, leaving items fresher and healthier

8. Deodorise with special long lasting fragrances

9. Replace furniture using special protective coasters

10. Groom carpets to lay the nap for drying

11. RapidDriᬬ items with my special process so most items are dry by the time I leave!

Finally I re-inspect all areas WITH YOU to make sure I have cleaned all areas that you had concerns with!

We left Gary to get on with the job while we went out for the day and felt complete confidence in him. This was justified when we returned to a beautifully cleaned suite and everything in apple-pie order. The suite has been given a new lease of life.

B Harrington, Rothley

Excellent job done, carpets and suite always cleaned perfectly. Always on time and reliable. Very polite and punctual.

Mr Hughes, Kirby Muxloe

Absolutely superb service from start to finish. The cleaning lives up to its name ᭡zing. Our vomit stained cream carpet looks like new! Excellent efficient service and brilliantly cleaned carpets. Thank you so much for an outstanding job!

Mrs Aston, East Goscote

Very professional and informative about what is going to occur during cleaning. My settees look as good as new.

Mrs Oﲭan, Glenfield

Extremely professional. Great results ᳠good as new in fact. Very helpful and informative about the actual cleaning process and very impressed with the timely fashion with which our rugs were returned. Fantastically friendly, personal service and customer service is something sadly lacking in the UK but you completely restored our faith that it isnനe case with everything.

H Hewitt, Birstall

Gary was so professional. My carpet and rugs look like new. I would never have anyone else to clean my carpets even if they offered free cleaning!! My rugs were due back on the Friday but Gary brought them back on Wednesday for me as I was having visitors. Much appreciated.

Mrs Brookes, Glenfield

What our customers say

What our customers say

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